Covid-19 and subsequent lockdowns have had a huge impact on the real estate market here in Kent, especially when it comes to rental properties.

With figures suggesting the average one-bedroom property to rent in Kent costs just over £800, rising to around £1,900 for a three-bedroom family home , Kent is an increasingly attractive proposition for many tenants who can live and work locally, given commuting in to the capital is no longer a priority for many professionals during the pandemic.

With more investment also being made across the county in business parks and corporate facilities, and it’s no surprise that attractive rental properties are in hot demand. Landlords who are clued up on what tenants are looking for in a rental property can ensure that their property portfolio stays profitable with a steady stream of potential tenants both from the local area and central London.
Let’s take a brief look at what the discerning tenants of 2021 are seeking in rental accommodation.

Garden space
As the UK Government asked us all to stay at home to help protect others and the NHS, a garden or outdoor space that family groups can use to enjoy a little fresh air without having to worry about social distancing has become a hot commodity. While the need to stay at home won’t last forever, it has resulted in many renters desiring a private outdoor space.
Gardens top the list as the most searched for feature for rental homes, so if you do have outdoor space, be sure to spruce it up to appeal to a wider pool of potential tenants.

Garages or outbuildings
Whether they are used for parking the car, pressed into service as additional storage or give space for a home gym, garages come a close second when it comes to most desired features in a rental property for house hunters.
Spending more time at home and the closure of certain industries such as fitness centres and pubs has seen some incredible garage transformations, so be sure to clear out any available garage space before taking photos to promote your property.

Pet-friendly rentals
The number of dogs and new pets joining families over the past 12 months has reached record levels according to numerous reports. As a result, it comes as no real surprise that the number of searches made for pet-friendly rental properties has risen.
If you are willing to allow pets in your property, don’t forget to revisit your standard tenancy contract to include clauses that detail costs for any damage caused by a pet. You may also want to consider asking for larger deposits from those tenants with animals.