You will only get a one shot at making a great first impression on potential buyer, so here are our top tips for making your listings stand out.

1) Do take a front external picture this will help to keep your homes curb appeal at the forefront of the buyer’s mind. Buyers will decide in a matter of minutes whether they like your property or look at another listing. If possible, always get the whole property in the picture and don’t let objects or cars block the line of sight. 

Pro tip – when taking a shot from the curb, be mindful of the camera angle. The roofline should always be parallel with the photos frame to make it look level.

2) Do welcome visitors an attractive front door and entry photo can go a long way in making buyers interested in the property. Leaving the door open in the photo also can send a welcoming message to anyone looking at your home.

Pro tip – Do not threaten visitors so remove any signs or barriers before taking photos. This will help to create a feeling of warmth with your listing photos.  

3) Do take a bird’s-eye view if possible, taking a picture from above is a great way to showcase your local area or garden space that your property may have.

Pro tip – Avoid using a fisheye lens, it can make the area appear smaller and distorted.

4) Capture your home’s selling points, although it may seem like a good idea to skip smaller spaces such as bathrooms, if it has recently been updated show it off. 

Pro tip – Do not take a photo that has you in the mirror.  You should also try to avoid angles where you or your camera’s flash will be reflected in the shot. 

5) Do stage every room, if you are looking to get the maximum amount of interest on your home you may need to stage every room.

Pro tip – Do not take a picture of a messy room, never capture a mess. You should always tidy up each room before taking any photos, so your home looks at its best.

6) Do show off the view, if one of the main selling points of your home is the view you should show it off. It is always best practice to take a picture with a part of the house in the shot, that way the buyer can really picture themselves there. 

Pro tip – Do not show off your pets. You should just focus on the parts of your home that will be there when a buyer moves in.

7) Do showcase architectural details.  Archways, beams and other architectural works may be difficult to photograph but they can give your home some much need character.

Pro tip – Do not show off architectural blunders.


8) Do take a photo of a night shot with the lights on. This will help to create the right amount of contrasts to make your photos stand out. The trick is to leave all interior and exterior lights on when taking the photo.

Pro tip – Do not take a photo of a dark room, you will want as much light as possible.