Owning a property is a huge responsibility, and the winter months bring many potential hazards that landlords and homeowners need to prepare for. Whether you have a property to rent in Medway or you own a home in Gillingham, preparing for adverse weather is critical. As experienced Medway letting agents, we know first-hand the damage that excessive rain, high winds, snow, and ice can cause to a building.

We have put together the ultimate checklist for winter property maintenance, perfect for both landlords and homeowners in Gillingham and beyond.

Guttering And Roofs

When letting out a property, it is your responsibility to keep it in good repair, and that includes the exterior of the home. It is worthwhile cleaning guttering on houses in Strood, Rochester and surrounding areas at least once a year. We recommend having this done after the Autumn leaves have fallen and just before Winter really kicks in. You should also check for roof problems such as missing tiles because poor weather could lead to damp problems and leaking; an issue we come across a lot as Medway letting agents.

Garden Maintenance

Many landlords dismiss garden maintenance as a responsibility for the tenants, but there are some aspects that you need to bear in mind when you have a property to rent in Medway. Broken fences are common in the winter and checking for loose posts or damage to panels before high winds is always worthwhile. The same goes for any overhanging branches from trees which could be dangerous during a storm.


When the temperature drops, water in pipes can freeze and cause a lot of damage. A burst pipe for either landlords or homeowners is a big problem, and one that can be avoided in most Medway housing. Make sure that all pipes are well insulated, fix any taps which are dripping, and get your boiler serviced on a regular basis. If the property is going to be empty, either between lettings or while you are away, leave the heating on a timer or low temperature.

Chimney and Fireplaces

Our expert Medway lettings agents always recommend to landlords and tenants that chimneys and fireplaces are professionally cleaned before the winter months. A build up of debris can be a dangerous fire hazard, and finding a reliable chimney sweep in Gillingham, Strood or Rochester can help prevent this.


Having the right insulation in the property can help to keep it warm as the weather turns colder. When insulation isn’t sufficient, the heating system in the home has to work harder to heat the building, which will not only be an expensive option, but could cause issues with your boiler down the line. Both landlords and homeowners should check the insulation in walls, lofts, and crawl spaces. 

Choose Reliable Medway Letting Agents

When you have a property to rent in Medway, it is vital that you know it is in good hands. If you are looking for reliable estate agents in Strood and surrounding areas, look no further than Paramount Sales & Lettings. Our expert team will do everything they can to ensure your property is properly looked after by tenants, and we can provide advice and guidance on maintenance tasks and responsibilities as a landlord. For more information, get in touch today.