Rental yield calculator

How much could you earn?

The rental yield calculator enables you to determine the gross and net rent rates on any individual property or your lettings business ‘ entire portfolio.

Calculating your rental yield will assist you see if your property is a good investment, and if you are considering a mortgage purchase, you might need it.

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This calculator will do it for you if your properties are in the UK and you work out rental yield in the UK currency. If you don’t use UK currency scrolling down to find out how you can work out your own rental returns.

First if you want to work out your rental yield depending on the purchase price of the property or the present value of the property.

How to use our rental yield calculator

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How to work out rental yields

It is simple to work out rental yields for a single property, or assets you already own. Divide your annual lease revenue by the price of the property and multiply it by 100 to get the proportion of your return.

Do not forget to exclude anything you frequently spend on the properties or their maintenance from your annual rental revenue, or your yield proportion will not be precise.

If you are working out the rental yield for a property that you don’t own yet, or it’s going to be hard for you to have tenants in it. You may not yet know how much rent you are charging or how much your property expenses are going to be. You can use estimated figures in this instance, but be aware that the calculation of your rental yield is just as accurate as the numbers you put in it.

The simplest way to calculate rental income is without a doubt to get an accountant to do it!