Although many of us consider our pets as family, landlords can often view them as trouble. As we are currently in a highly competitive market, landlords and property managers can be more selective when picking a tenant. Here are our top tips for finding your new pet friendly home.

Give yourself plenty of time

The first thing to do is to narrow your search to pet friendly home. This can be done by using property portals that offer a Pets allowed filter (the easiest property websites and online agencies that offer this feature are Zoopla, OpenRent, Spareroom). Just always keep in mind that it may take slightly longer to find a suitable property to rent. Landlords will often not allow pets in their property as due to fears of pet owners not picking up messes or that animals may damage the property. You should also be aware that you may have to pay an additional pet damage deposit. As always it is best to ensure that any fees are documented in writing.

Contact pet organisations

Local pet organisations will more than likely have a list of pet-friendly buildings. You can find out more about this on LetswithPets.