First time sellers guide

Cost of Selling

There are a number of costs and charges related to the sale of a house that you will have to factor into your budget.

Doing this now will assist reasonable expectation that further down the line there are no nasty surprises.

If you buy a property at the same moment as selling, check the buying costs as well.

Estate Agent Fee

Estate Agency fees include advertising your property and viewing, as well as liaising with other parties to complete the sale.

Everything is costing money, But if done properly, these can essentially track your home’s sale quickly.

How to save money on estate agent fees?

It may be tempting to use an online agent that appears to be somewhat cheaper than a high street agent, at least on paper. This could ultimately cost you more in the long run, though.

Online agents may not have the same market place knowledge as a local agent like Paramount Sales and Lettings and may not have the same motivation to sell your home as they receive an upfront fee.

Most online estate agents either charge their services in advance or can defer payment to a later date, but they will still be due whether or not you sell your property. Their commission may be lower, but what you eventually take home may be significantly smaller than if you trusted your gut and went to a more skilled agent with local buyers’ access. It also costs you money every day your property is on the market. Repayments for bills, council taxes and mortgages – all add up. So, if your home is on the market longer than you need, you may discover that these additional bills will quickly surpass the cash you saved by enlisting a less skilled agent.

You understand that your charges are being put to excellent use when you choose a well-respected agent such as Paramount Sales and Lettings. We invest in the best individuals, the best technology and the best business routes to find the correct buyer for your home and ensure the highest possible price for your property.

Mortgage exit fees

Check if there are penalties for early departure from your mortgage. You may incur an early repayment or exit fee.


In England and Wales, a seller needs to provide prospective buyers with an EPC for the property. This document sets out the home’s energy efficiency, the most efficient being “A” and the least expensive being “G.” This can be organized for you by Paramount Sales and Lettings.

What does an EPC mean? An EPC is an energy efficiency and effect evaluation for a property valid for 10 years. A Domestic Energy Assessor evaluates the property and gives the current rating from ‘ A ‘ (very excellent) to ‘ G ‘ (very poor). When putting up their home for sale, a seller needs a valid copy, or they could incur a £ 200 fine.

Can I get an EPC certificate free of charge? Unfortunately, not. But if you want to sell a specialized building, such as a church or a listed property, you might be exempt.

Conveyancing fees

A solicitor or legal conveyor will deal with the legal aspects of the sale of your property. The price will rely on your property’s sales price but is significantly smaller than the charges incurred when purchasing a property.

What are the conveyancing charges? In short, your solicitor or conveyor will take care of all the legal issues involved in the sale of a property. They will manage everything from acquiring the title deeds to handling the frequently countless enquiries produced by the solicitors of your buyer.

How to save money on conveyancing fees

Don’t just go with your local conveyancing solicitors. If you live close Kent, opportunities are that if you look further afield, the cost of conveyancing may well be cheaper.

Negotiate a set conveyancing fee rather than an hourly rate to avoid spiralling expenses.

Removal Costs

If you move to a new home, don’t forget to make a difference in the cost of relocating. Depending on how much you move and how far you move, the price will differ. Get two or three quotes and look at client reviews to select the most appropriate removal company for your requirements.

What are moving expenses for households? Removal expenses range from packing all your furnishings and other belongings to carrying them to your new home. You may need to pay the council to take away any unwanted bulky products for a fixed fee if you’re searching for downsize.

How to save on moving fees

Do a lot of it yourself

Enlisting the assistance of professional removers with packing up your belongings is tempting, but it may be something you can do yourself. Or get quotes from different removal firms. Many can even supply you with boxes, take your furniture apart and do all the heavy lifting, leaving you with the relatively easy packing task to get on with.

Donate to charity

Not only is this a beautiful gesture, it will also bypass the price of paying council or removal company to dispose of your unwanted furniture.

Some charities specialize in-house clearances, offering you one less thing to worry about.

Try to get your timing correct

It’s a bit trickier as you’ll likely have to finish on the same day on your fresh house and your old one or incur additional storage charges. However, this should be simple to accomplish if you instruct the correct estate agent and conveyancer.

Paramount Sales and Lettings has its own sales progressor in charge of maintaining track of your property’s sale.

If there are any hold-ups, you will be completely conscious in advance so that you can plan your move accordingly.