First time buyer’s guide: preparing to move

Checklist for Moving property

This will depend, of course, on the progress of your sale or purchase, but we recommend avoiding peak times like Bank Holidays, Fridays or the end of a term in school.

Four weeks prior to moving


Get quotes from removals firms and compare it to the price and effort of employing a van and doing it on your own.

Choose a removals company

Find out what is included in the fee and see what extras, such as packaging products and insurance, are on offer

Check the agreement with the remover and your home insurance to see what to do if your furniture gets damaged during removal.

Make an inventory of all the items in the move and provide a copy to your removals business.

Buy packaging if it is not supplied by your removals business.

You may need to place items in storage if you are downsizing.


Separate everything into ‘keep’ and ‘not keeping’ 
Pack items you don’t need to use before you move first.
Make sure you label every box with its contents.


Make a list of all the utilities companies you will need to inform.

A week before moving property

Defrost the freezer.

Arrange final readings of water, gas and electricity meters.

Request final bills for telephone and broadband.

Notify every one of your change of address.

Plan where your furniture will live in your new house.

On Move day

Turn off all appliances.

Take final meter readings

Take a final look around the property and check you haven’t forgotten anything.

Pack a survival kit.

When you have moved in

Unpack your survival kit and any other essential items.

Place boxes in their relevant rooms.

Make sure utilities, telephone and broadband are connected.