At Paramount Sales & Lettings, we are specialist Medway letting agents with plenty of experience in helping landlords let out their properties and we feel these interior design tips will help. Time and time again, we see landlords with property to rent in Medway, who simply aren’t making the most of their décor. Many landlords stick to plain white walls and cheap finishes in a bid to keep costs down and appeal to all kinds of tenants. However, investing a bit more time and effort into your interior design can help prevent damage once tenants move in, and make your property more attractive to potential renters.

Here are our top five interior design tips for Landlords:

Invest In Underlay

Most landlords with a property to rent in Medway avoid expensive carpets over fears of them being ruined by tenants. Our estate agents in Strood would never recommend choosing plush carpets or light colours for this same reason, but tenants still want a home that is going to be comfortable. By investing in a high-quality underlay, you can make even the cheapest carpets feel lush underfoot.

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Plan For Emergencies

Landlords are responsible for keeping the property in good working order, and common emergencies are broken boilers, leaks, and plumbing problems. When fitting a bathroom in a property to rent in Medway, plan ahead to avoid emergency situations. Designing for a shower over a bath instead of a shower tray can prevent leaks, while fitting an electric shower will mean your tenants can still have hot water even if the boiler fails.

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Avoid Integrated Appliances

When it comes to the kitchen, integrated appliances can look super sleek and fit with any design. However, landlords are best to avoid these because appliances that are built in are often pricier to purchase and a hassle to fix.

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Repaint Between Lettings

When your tenants move out, it can be tempting to rush new ones as quickly as possible to avoid missing out on rental income. As professional Medway letting agents, we know that a fresh lick of paint can work wonders in making a property look good as new again. It’s a quick and easy way to keep the home looking the part, and will mean your new tenants are less likely to come to you with complaints or issues when they first arrive.

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Neutral Doesn’t Always Mean White

All landlords know to keep décor neutral and simple throughout a rental property. We completely agree that bold, bright colours should be avoided as they aren’t to everyone’s taste and can prevent tenants from making a space their own. However, most landlords assume this means every wall in every room needs to be stark white. Mix things up a bit with other neutral colours, such as light grey, cream, or eggshell. This will help your property stand out from the rest and create a sense of warmth which is often lacking from rentals.

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If you have got a property to rent in Medway, or looking for a new estate agents in Strood, we are here to help. Our expert team can provide advice and guidance for landlords on how to properly prepare properties for letting. 

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